What are the benefits of strategic planning ?


Strategic planning serves a variety of purposes in organizations, including to:


  • Clearly define the purpose of the organization and to establish realistic goals and objectives consistent with that mission in a defined time frame within the organization’s capacity for implementation.

  • Communicate those goals and objectives to the organization’s constituents.

  • Develop a sense of ownership of the plan.

  • Ensure the most effective use is made of the organization’s resources by focusing the resources on the key priorities.

  • Provide a base from which progress can be measured and establish a mechanism for informed change when needed.

  • Bring together of everyone’s best and most reasoned efforts have important value in building a consensus about where an organization is going.


Other reasons are that strategic planning:


  • Provides clearer focus of organization, producing more efficiency and effectiveness

  • Bridges staff and board of directors (in the case of corporations)

  • Builds strong teams in the board and the staff (in the case of corporations)
  • Provides the glue that keeps the board together (in the case of corporations)

  • Produces great satisfaction among planners around a common vision

  • Increases productivity from increased efficiency and effectiveness

  • Solves major problems

The information about nonprofit strategic planning was adapted from a small portion of the guidebook, Field Guide to Nonprofit Strategic Planning and Facilitation by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD. of Authenticity Consulting.