Watch the Live Google Hangout with Community Supported Film

A Sustainable Approach to Community-Based Storytelling:

A Live Google Hangout with Community Supported Film

On March 20, NAMAC hosted a live online conversation with Community Supported Film (CSFilm) to discuss the organization's very successful approach to community-based storytelling in international contexts. CSFilm is a Boston-based nonprofit that aims to strengthen documentary storytelling capacity in countries where the dissemination of objective and accurate information is essential to stabilization and development.

Watch the conversation below! Alternately, you can:

The conversation included: CSFilm Founder, Michael Sheridan, Jamal Aram from the filmmaking team in Afghanistan, and independent filmmaker and former Executive Director of NAMAC, Helen de Michiel.

This Hangout was inspired by ten brilliant films made by Afghan residents in a storytelling training conducted by Community Supported Film. Between March 13 and April 8, NAMAC and Community Supported Film will bring you that entire collection of ten films, the Fruit of Our Labor, FREE and IN FULL here! These films are poetic tributes to a country rebuilding itself, and serve as excellent teaching tools for educators in media production, cross-cultural communications, and international development.

Watch just one of those films below, and then head over to CS Fim's site to watch all ten. Hurry! The films will no longer be available for free viewing after April 8.

The Road Above

Direction and Camera by Aqeela Rezai
Additional Camera by Reza Sahel and Baqir Tawakoli
Editing by Jawed Taiman
Sound by Reza Sahel

The Road Above is just one gripping short in The Fruit of Our Labor, a collection of ten documentary shorts produced in a 5-week intensive training held in Kabul, Afghanistan. Watch all of the Fruit of Our Labor films in full and for free here, for a limited time! (March 13 - April 8). Learn more about the CS Film trainings and ethos this in-depth text interview with  CS Film's Michael Sheridan.