Fundraising Toolkit

When asked what support arts organizations need most, NAMAC’s members consistently ask for help with the fundraising. The Fundraising Toolkit is a resource devoted to helping media arts organizations adapt to the complex and changing funding environment by looking at success stories from peer organizations and by accessing sample fundraising plans commissioned by NAMAC as part of the Capacity Building Support Grant program.


A fundraising plan is the framework for your development efforts and part of sound financial planning. This planning often includes assessing the organization’s readiness; data review of past fundraising effectiveness; review of current reality & projected goals; identifying target audiences, developing implementation, evaluation and monitoring strategies. In 2005, NAMAC partnered with Morrie Warshawski to provide four member organizations fundraising planning services and we've archived thier assessments, agendas and plans as field-building tools.


Each area begins with a "heads up" introduction to the upside and downside in each area of fundraising, followed by brief recent case studies provided by our own members who are kind enough to share their successes and failures. We are also listing many other fundraising resources for you to refer to when you want more information on a specific topic.

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